Will laser hair removal grow? Experts answer

After laser hair removal surgery, the subject should do a good job in all aspects of nursing measures, which is very key for the subject, which can affect whether it rebounds again after laser hair removal. Therefore, enough attention should be paid to postoperative nursing.

  1. Will laser hair removal still grow: Principle

The technical principle of laser hair removal is to take the wavelength for treatment. Because the laser technology is intelligent control, the laser technology can be fully and selectively absorbed by melanin. In addition, the laser technology can also be targeted for the treatment of hair follicles, mainly for the removal of hair due to the heat generated on melanin. Laser hair removal technology can be said to be the most advanced technology so far.

  1. Will laser hair removal still grow: steps

The required laser pulse time is not fixed. It is mainly directly related to the thickness of the subject’s hair. Basically, the thicker the hair, the longer the laser action time will be. In addition, it will not damage the subject’s skin, but also achieve the most ideal effect.

  1. Will laser hair removal grow: Technology

Laser hair removal is a very advanced technology, which is very different from the traditional hair removal methods. It should be known that the traditional hair removal methods produce pigment precipitation on the skin surface during operation after treatment, but the laser technology is different. However, it should be noted that although laser technology can have a good removal effect on body hair, we must pay attention to some necessary matters, such as physical examination before treatment. After all, not all people are suitable for laser technology. In addition, nursing after treatment can not be ignored.

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