Will it grow after laser depilation? Why does it grow after laser depilation

Core tip: excessive hair, facial hair and leg hair are common cosmetic problems that confuse women and men. Traditional hair removal methods include shaving hair removal, mechanical hair removal and chemical reagent hair removal. The disadvantages are troublesome operation, time-consuming, low efficiency, pain and possible scars. Modern laser technology not only realizes permanent hair removal or delays hair regeneration time, And avoid and reduce the shortcomings of traditional hair removal technology.

Laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal method, which can destroy or damage hair follicles. However, hair may grow again. If the hair follicles are damaged but not completely destroyed during laser hair removal, the possibility of hair growth is high. Therefore, many doctors now use laser hair removal as permanent hair removal rather than permanent hair removal. Next, let’s learn about whether it will grow after laser hair removal, why it will grow after laser hair removal, and whether laser hair removal is harmful to the body.

Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermal dynamics to destroy the heat energy of hair follicle tissue. Hair follicles wither and necrosis, making hair lose the ability of regeneration. In theory, permanent hair removal can be achieved. Growing again is also fine hair. Reduce hair, lighten the color, reduce the number of hair and and lengthen the long life cycle. Generally, after 3-5 times, there is no previous thick hair. So don’t worry too much about hair regeneration.

Permanent hair removal means that there is no thick and strong hair growth within 3-5 years after laser hair removal, which is not that hair will no longer grow. Because the human body has repair function, there will be some fluff. Laser hair removal usually requires 3-5 treatments to achieve satisfactory hair removal results. Although the laser can destroy the local sebaceous gland structure, a few glands may not be damaged. A little hair will grow, but its effect will not be affected.

After laser hair removal, the sensitive part of the skin. Do not touch the water in a short time, so as to prevent the bacteria in the water from infecting the skin in the depilation area and causing inflammation and other symptoms. Pay attention to sunscreen, and the skin will be stimulated by ultraviolet rays. In addition, do not use cosmetics or skin care products containing chemicals. After laser hair removal, replenish skin moisture in time, keep the hair removal part moisturized, and avoid dry skin and other problems. After laser depilation, if the skin at the depilated part is seriously blackened or inflamed, find a professional doctor for treatment in time.

As far as the current laser hair removal technology is concerned, it is relatively mature and safe. Laser hair removal is a commonly used method in clinic. It uses selective photothermal effect to directly penetrate into the root of hair follicle, causing irreversible damage to the structure of hair follicle, so as to achieve the effect of inhibiting hair regeneration. No damage to the epidermis. It is suggested to develop personalized courses in formal medical and beauty institutions and standardize treatment by professional doctors.

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