Why does laser hair removal recur repeatedly

Core tip: laser hair removal is a hair removal method often used by many people nowadays. Compared with traditional hair removal cream and hair removal instrument, it can achieve a more convenient and rapid effect without affecting the body. But some people have a recurrence after depilation, so they are particularly confused. After depilation, hair will grow repeatedly, which is their great trouble.

Whether for men or women, if the hair grows too vigorously, it will have a negative impact on the body, life and work. Therefore, people often achieve the purpose of hair removal through some hair removal methods. The frequent use of depilatory cream and depilatory instrument can achieve the effect of depilation in a short time, but it is not convenient to operate, and sometimes it is easy to cause accidental injury and development. Laser hair removal is a popular way of hair removal, which can achieve rapid results. But sometimes through laser hair removal, there will be a recurrence. Why does it recur? Today, let’s learn about it.

The causes of recurrence after laser hair removal mainly include the following aspects:

  1. Incomplete depilation

When laser hair removal is not complete, it is easy to relapse. Because the hair is not completely removed, some of the existing hair will have the symptoms of growth and recurrence, which is easy to set off a new round of lush hair. Therefore, in the process of depilation, do not shave in advance. After shaving, it is easy to lead to incorrect division of depilation area, resulting in incomplete depilation.

  1. It is related to the growth cycle of hair.

Many people have only done one laser hair removal. Hair removal by one laser can not achieve permanent effect. Because the hair is divided into three cycles, the hair is in a certain period during depilation, and the hair will still grow in the other two periods. In addition to the growth period, there are also degenerative and quiescent periods. Depilation in the growth period can achieve better results.

  1. The shaping mechanism selected for hair removal is not professional enough

Laser surgery for hair removal, at the cost of a certain amount of compensation. In order to save money, some people will choose a less expensive plastic surgery agency for hair removal. Although it saves money, the effect is often unimaginable. Because plastic surgery institutions are not professional enough, and the level of doctors can not meet professional standards, it will cause incomplete hair removal. Therefore, we must choose large-scale formal plastic surgery institutions.

Laser hair removal needs 3 ~ 4 times to achieve better results. Laser hair removal can quickly and safely restore the skin to the naked eye hairless state, which will not have a negative impact on the body. After depilation, the hair grows repeatedly, which requires timely medical treatment to continue the process of depilation.

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