What method does systemic depilate art have?

No one wants to have thick, thick black fur on their body, which is a real killjoy and causes serious problems. So choose whole body depilate art to improve in succession, but what method does whole body depilate art have? It’s something they care about very much.

Diode laser Hair removal device

  1. Diode laser hair removal home use

Photon hair removal, this magic trick is filtered through a strong light body filter into a band of different wavelengths of light, for its band contains a bundle of light can be absorbed by the hair follicle melanin, so it can be used for hair removal diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Best permanent hair removal — painless hair removal

Do all over the body depilation what magic trick is painless depilation of this kind of effective magic trick is basically painless, also want to see the person to the sensitive degree of pain, especially sensitive people will feel some itch. Because the large number of melanocytes in hair follicles are particularly sensitive to light waves, normal epidermis is not sensitive to laser light. When having freezing point painless depraving, after the absorption of the light of specific band to the melanin cell in hair follicle, the heat that appears inside hair follicle can have choose to destroy hair follicle, and won’t damage the structure all around, the growth of hair is divided into growth period, dormancy period and quiescent period. The light waves produced by this effective hair removal trick only affect growing hair follicles, and have little effect on dormant and quiescent hair follicles. The hair follicle growth cycle of every place is different, want the characteristic of different place so, after passing 2-4 make a diagnosis and treatment, ability is depilated thoroughly. Generally speaking, it is talented. The melanin in the hair follicle absorbs heat, and then destroys the hair follicle, and the hair loses its ability to grow. Although the hair follicle repairs itself, it takes less than 10-20 years, and this depilation ability can generally be called permanent depilation.

3, do the whole body hair removal magic trick – laser hair removal

Laser hair removal generally emits a wavelength of 810nm laser, this wavelength of laser hair structure, especially the hair follicle in the highly selective absorption of melanin, so as to destroy the hair follicle structure, to reach the purpose of hair removal. During the same period, the normal structure will not be adversely affected.

What method does systemic depilate art have? After the above introduction, you should understand. Systemic depilate art can achieve ideal result, so systemic depilate need not worry, choose good method is key.

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