What factors need to be considered for laser tattoo removal?

  Just like buying a new laptop or phone, you need to spend some time checking out what the device does, not just how it looks! These are all factors you should be aware of when shopping for laser tattoo removers.

  1. Single-purpose and multi-purpose machines 3354 You may come across many machines that promote different functions. This doesn’t necessarily mean tattoo removers are fake. In fact, laser technology for tattoo removal is also very effective for other types of skin conditions and pigmentation. Regardless, it’s best to choose a tattoo remover that’s designed and/or tested for tattoo removal so you know it’s effective.

  2. Laser technology

  There are two laser techniques that can effectively remove tattoos. If the tattoo remover doesn’t say which one is used, avoid it!

  Q-switched laser technology is the older of the two. The most common type is the Nd3360YAG laser, which typically provides a wavelength of 1064nm and is ideal for removing black and blue tattoo inks. An Nd:YAG laser can also be set up to switch the wavelength to 532nm, which is better for warm colors like red ink.

  Another laser tattoo remover we recommend is the Picosecond. They are faster and more modern than Q switches (which is why they are usually more expensive). Picosecond lasers work in the same way as Q-switched lasers, but they offer a wider wavelength range, faster operation, and higher energy levels. This can make conversations faster and even reduce the number of conversations you need to remove old, thick ink tattoos.

  3. Wavelength, Pulse and Energy

  We just talked about wavelength, but this is an important issue to consider. If your tattoo contains only black ink, you will need a laser with a wavelength of 1064 nanometers. If your tattoo contains multiple colors, you’ll need a laser for tattoo removal, which can switch wavelengths to warm sunset colors at 532 nanometers and green-blue at 755 nanometers.

  It is the “lens” of the pulsed light. If you have a 3 pulse setting, the laser will fire 3 times at a time. A machine’s Hertz refers to the speed at which it emits pulses.

  Finally, there is energy. This will be measured in j/cm2 or mj, so look at those numbers when comparing machines. The higher the energy, the more aggressive the machine (and therefore more efficient). But this is also determined by the spot size.

  The spot size is the area where the laser is emitted. A larger spot size will fire more tattoos per pulse…but generally, the laser that removes the tattoo will have the same energy level. So by increasing the spot size you will spread the energy over a wider area. Therefore, its efficiency decreases.

  In terms of energy and spot size, the best tattoo removal lasers have the highest energy rating at the maximum spot size setting. 4. Other precautions

  Easy to use – buy technology used by professionals. Tattoo removal lasers sound great, but what if you don’t know how? Ease of use is an important consideration. You don’t want to waste money on a laser tattoo remover that you can’t actually use!

  Carefully check customer reviews for ease of use, and contact the manufacturer for detailed instructions and manuals.

  The cost will vary depending on the brand, power and application of the laser machine. Small laser tattoo machines for tattoo removal are much cheaper than standard large tattoo machines in professional clinics!

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