The advantages and disadvantages of depilation are big PK!

Some time ago, I saw a news that a guy estimated that he belonged to a hairy star man, and sadly, not only his limbs, but also his face was full of hair. I went to the cosmetics store and bought depilatory cream to wipe my face. As a result, my hair follicles were red, swollen and suppurative, which almost ruined my face!

Let the hair children who have been fighting on the front line of hair removal for a long time listen to the horror.

After that, I found through Du Niang:

More than 30% of people have allergic reactions when using depilatory cream. Almost all hair removal creams have the same composition and contain mercaptoacetate. So when the hairy children use hair removal cream, do they find that the smell is very familiar?

Because the familiar taste is due to the same formula. The principle of depilatory cream is to dissolve hair through mercaptoacetate, but because the keratin on the surface of skin is similar to the glial protein of hair, depilatory cream will inevitably cause damage to the skin. It may not be obvious once or twice, but if you use it more, it will certainly cause great damage to the skin.

Facial hair removal needs to be cautious. It is recommended to use a special facial blade or honey wax for hair removal around the lips. But pay attention to wax depilation, which should be carried out when there is no small wound on the face. Please choose sensitive skin carefully, because honey wax depilation will make the surrounding skin red, which is a little painful.

Axillary skin is fragile, and it is easy to infect bacteria if not handled properly. The most commonly used method may be depilatory cream. In fact, a special electric depilator is also a good choice. When depilating, keep the depilator close to the skin and 90 degrees with the skin, and move along the direction of hair growth, which can reduce the pain.

The skin of limbs is less delicate than that of armpits, but when choosing hair removal cream, you should also pay attention to choosing hair removal cream with soothing ingredients, which can reduce the damage of chemicals to the skin. If you are not afraid of pain, you can also use wax paper to depilate for a long time.

Four different depilation methods: large PK

Advantages and disadvantages analysis: teach you to choose hair removal methods scientifically

Shaving and shaving


One of the most convenient, economical and common hair removal methods with little impact on health. The irritation to the skin is also relatively small, which is especially suitable for those who are afraid of pain and have sensitive skin. It is recommended to apply a layer of shaving bubbles before shaving or shaving to prevent skin from being scratched.


But shaving and shaving carelessly can easily cause damage. However, the effect of shaving and shaving lasts a short time and needs to be carried out frequently, which is more troublesome.

Hair removal cream


Depilatory cream belongs to drug depilation. The main principle is to use the chemical substances to soften and loosen the hair stem, so that the hair is easier to fall off. Generally speaking, the hair after falling off can grow again. It is more suitable for people who want to depilate clean but are afraid of pain.


Because the hair will grow again after a period of time, there is a need to depilate again. In addition, this method should not be used too frequently. Repeated use may cause damage to hair follicles. Use it at most once a week.

Wax depilation


This method is to stick honey wax on the part to be depilated, and then tear it off at once to pull out the hair by roots. Honey wax depilation belongs to intensive depilation, which is suitable for women with more body hair, and the maintenance time of using honey wax to depilate is also relatively long, basically one to three times a summer.


they hurt! However, the disadvantage of this method is that it is more painful, so women who are afraid of pain are not suitable for depilation with honey wax, and honey wax also has chemical components, which is also easy to stimulate the skin, so they should be used with caution.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal method. Laser hair removal is based on the principle of photothermal dynamics and is specifically aimed at melanin. Melanin in hair follicle absorbs the energy of laser and generates heat energy, so as to destroy hair follicle and stop hair growth. Laser hair removal is not done at one time.


Laser depilation is the fastest, safe and permanent way of depilation. Traditional depilation methods, such as depilation cream, wax depilation, shaving and hair clipping, can not effectively destroy the hair follicles that directly affect the hair growth. Just the cutting of the surface, the hair will grow again soon. If not handled properly, it will also cause skin damage or hair follicle infection, resulting in greater damage. Laser hair removal can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.


The cost of laser hair removal is high and there is a certain sense of pain. Not everyone is suitable for laser hair removal: like adults with thick hair, scar constitution; Recently exposed to sunlight or tanned skin; Hirsutism caused by self endocrine disorder (generally refers to excessive secretion of androgen); These four types of people are not suitable for hair removal due to hirsutism caused by heredity or other reasons. At the same time, it is not recommended for people with hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Laser hair removal: permanent hair removal can be achieved by 3-5 treatments

Permanent depilation is not “done at one time”. Only the growing hair can be permanently removed in each treatment, so it needs multiple treatments to completely remove all the hair.

For different individuals, different parts and different hair, doctors will choose different treatment parameters in laser surgery according to the color, thickness and density of hair, and the energy of laser is different. But the operation principle and method are the same. The difference of laser hair removal in different parts lies in the different times of laser hair removal. The common axillary hair, limb hair, beard and other hair are thick, black and dense, and have good light absorption. Generally, it needs to be treated for about 3-5 times. However, the treatment times of lip hair will increase relatively, usually about 8-10 times, because the hair is thin and soft and has poor light absorption.

Some people worry about whether people can’t sweat after laser hair removal and whether it will bring side effects to the body. In this regard, Liao Nong said that after treatment, there is generally no scar, which will not affect the normal perspiration and other physiological functions of the skin. Permanent hair removal can also shrink pores without obvious side effects.

There is sunburn, redness, itching and no depilation

Different hair removal methods have different characteristics, with different duration, convenience, comfort and economy. Women who love beauty can choose according to their own needs and economic ability.

However, if the skin is sunburned, damaged or the root is red, swollen and itchy, it is recommended not to depilate by yourself. At this time, depilation will lead to hair follicle damage and infection.

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