Tell the story after laser hair removal

Laser depilation is a very effective depilation method, but if any plastic and cosmetic surgery wants to ensure the perfect effect after surgery, the beauty seeker’s understanding of this plastic and cosmetic surgery is inseparable. Do you know the precautions of laser depilation plastic and cosmetic surgery?

Precautions before laser hair removal

  1. Before laser hair removal, in order to ensure the effect of the treatment, do not pull out the hair (for example, the treatment can be carried out after 2 weeks). Shave the hair of the treatment part one day before the treatment. If there is a wound after shaving, please wait until the wound is cured before treatment.
  2. It is suggested that the skin moisturizing care should be carried out for the treated part 14 days before laser hair removal.

Precautions after laser hair removal

  1. After laser hair removal, do not use cosmetics and skin care products containing fruit acid and a acid, but use mild skin care formula.
  2. Do not use frosting, alcohol or antiperspirant after laser hair removal.
  3. When bathing after laser hair removal, avoid showering hot water on the treatment part and use warm water.
  4. Sauna and steam bath are forbidden after laser hair removal.
  5. Avoid infection after laser hair removal. Do not swim in the swimming pool or beach.
  6. After laser hair removal, do not wear tight clothes or silk stockings to keep the treated part dry and breathable.
  7. Do not drink alcohol after laser hair removal.

How to nurse after laser depilation

  1. Avoid sun exposure and other ultraviolet radiation, and choose sunscreen products after treatment (30 less sunscreen).
  2. If hair grows, it should be shaved with a razor (do not use the depilation method of root pulling, such as hair puller, honey wax, eyebrow forceps, etc.).

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