Does laser tattoo removal hurt? 

  What if I regret my tattoo? How about laser tattoo removal? What is the principle? Will it hurt? For example, this is a question that every child’s shoe that has tattoos and regrets washing it off wants to ask, because laser tattoos are commonly known by the general public, and they are also the most mainstream way of tattooing! So this time we will talk about some of the most common methods.

  About tattoo removal.

  Tattoo removal is to remove the original patterns on the body through certain technical means. With the rapid development of science and technology, there are many methods of tattoo cleaning, such as Noah show tattoo cleaning, freezing method to remove pigment, magic needle heat transfer method, high frequency electronic watch needle tattoo cleaning, traditional Chinese medicine tattoo cleaning, laser tattoo cleaning, etc. . Nowadays, laser tattoo cleaning is commonly used. Human skin is divided into superficial epidermis and subdermal layer. The epidermis can be quickly renewed and peeled off, while the dermis cannot. The pigment in tattoos is usually implanted in the dermis, so it is permanent and cannot disappear on its own. Therefore, removing tattoos is not easy.

  The principle of laser tattoo removal.

   The mainstream tattoo removal method is also called picosecond laser. The principle is that the laser acts on the affected area to smash the pigment particles into tiny fragments, which are expelled through skin scabs, or expelled through blood circulation and phagocytosis, to complete pigment metabolism. This method does not damage other skin tissues, leaving no scar after surgery is the ideal effect of tattoo treatment, but due to the quality of each person’s skin and the size of the tattoo, most of the traces left in the end are inevitable.

  Because the pigment of the tattoo ink is very special, it is larger than the white blood cells, so that the envelope cells cannot be swallowed, so it will exist permanently. It is more troublesome for many people to remove colored tattoos, because different colored tattoos need lasers of different frequencies to remove, and it is difficult to clean color pictures completely.

  It is very important to meet professional and authoritative experts. Maybe all the ink can be discharged through a series of processes. Not every time a lot of tattoos are removed. If you want to remove it all at once, the skin will be overloaded, leaving obvious scars. But if you choose a careful and skilled expert, you may not leave scars. This means you have to spend a lot of money and time.

  About pain

   I said before that the process of tattoo removal is more painful and even bleeding. After each course of treatment, wrap it up with a bandage. After the skin scabs healed, the second, third and fourth treatments were performed. The number of treatments you receive depends on the size of your tattoo and the depth of pigmentation.

   Okay, here is the most mainstream and most advanced “laser tattoo removal”.

  About preventive measures.

   Do not eat spicy foods that are pigmented and irritating. Do not touch water for the first 3 days to keep the skin dry.

  Do not apply any drugs, so as not to cause skin inflammation.

   There must be a certain interval between each tattoo removal.

   Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene. If blisters appear, it is a normal reaction and cannot be scratched. If the blisters cannot be pierced at will, the blisters should be allowed to subside on their own. If you have any questions, please consult a professional and do not deal with it yourself.

   Don’t think that Noah is verbose, because tattoos and tattoos are harmful to the skin, and no one can guarantee the effect, let alone girls with scars, so think twice before getting tattoos! Think twice before washing! Adults are responsible for themselves!

   Because the laser is mainly recommended! I won’t say much about other methods. The unstable effect of technology may not be as good as laser. Except for Noah Xiu’s own operation, other methods are actually more complicated. Please analyze other methods when you have time next time.

   If you really like tattoos, and you can’t afford to regret it in the future, it’s a good choice to have tattoo stickers now. You can experience the beauty of tattoos, and it’s simple and safe. Several friends around Bian Xiao have reused it, it looks good~

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