Summer armpit hair smell, smoke no one around, a laser fix it.

Want to easily take off armpit hair, of course, is to choose the laser to take off armpit hair this advanced way, laser to take off armpit hair on the body is not harmful, little sister take off armpit hair no two choice!

How do you want to be a nice little sister and wear a nice slip dress in the summer without shedding your armpit hair? Before there was no hair removal light machine, all manual shaving, now there are more choices, such as laser hair removal method! Some little sister want to try laser axillary hair but very worried that it will harm the health of the body so have not dared to do, the laser axillary hair harm to the body? Take a look!

Is it dangerous to remove armpit hair?

May think of a lot of people heard the laser radiation, will worry about laser off armpit hair won’t have harm to the body, but miss sisters can rest assured, can the medical laser are harmless to human body, laser hair removal, just let the hair follicles damaged hair no longer, other skin doesn’t cause harm to human body so laser off armpit hair is also won’t harm the body.

Does laser take off axillary hair effect to sweat?

Worry about laser hair removal affect perspiration, but the result is certainly not, because the human body sweat mainly by the sweat glands, and laser hair removal is to remove hair follicles, hair follicles and sweat glands are separate two organizations, hair from the hair follicles, and sweat glands are next to the hair follicles, the two are not the same thing. Therefore, laser hair removal will not harm sweat glands, does not affect perspiration.

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