Should laser hair removal be scraped clean first? These preparations should be made before laser hair removal

Core tip: laser hair removal is a popular hair removal method at present, which is the gospel of beauty loving women. In order to achieve better results, we should make some preparations before laser hair removal, first avoid the sun, try to use sunscreen when going out, then stop using other hair removal methods, and finally have a detailed physical examination.

Beauty is a woman’s nature. It is difficult for them to accept too much hair. In order to present their best self, many women will try to remove their hair. There are many methods of hair removal. Laser hair removal is the best choice for women who love beauty. So, should laser hair removal be scraped clean first? Let’s take a look.

Like an accurate sniper, the laser uses its own wavelength to aim at the melanin in the hair, while the surrounding skin tissue is completely unaffected. Because melanin absorbs light energy, the hair in the depilated area should be shaved before laser depilation.

The preparation before laser hair removal is as follows:

  1. Two weeks before laser hair removal, avoid exposure to the sun. When the ultraviolet radiation is strong, avoid going out as much as possible. If you have something important to go out, you must wear sunscreen, mainly to prevent skin sunburn. Many people may not understand the relationship between laser hair removal and exposure. In short, after the skin is exposed to the sun, it is easy to have skin burns during laser hair removal, resulting in redness and even blistering of the skin, leaving scars.
  2. After deciding to use laser hair removal, it is best to stop using other hair removal methods, because other hair removal methods have been used in a short time, which will cause great damage to the skin during laser hair removal.
  3. Before laser hair removal, a detailed examination must be carried out. The main examination items include blood routine, liver and kidney function, ECG, coagulation function, etc., mainly to ensure the safety of laser hair removal and avoid health problems.

It can be seen that before laser hair removal, it is necessary to scrape off the excess hair in the hair removal area, so as to achieve better hair removal effect. In addition, in order to ensure the smooth progress of laser hair removal, we must make preparations, and choose a qualified plastic and cosmetic organization for laser hair removal treatment, which can not only achieve good hair removal effect, but also ensure safety.

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