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Since having underwear, pubic hair has no great existence value as before. On the contrary, it will make the vulva hot and humid and promote germs. Therefore, for refreshing, sexy and bikini, private hair removal has become a trend. Hair removal in private places can also reduce the incidence rate of pubic louse, but also brings about health problems such as skin infection.

In the movie sex and the city, once four heroines were basking in the sun. The sharp Samantha saw a piece of plush on the edge of the strong woman Miranda bikini, and then sarcastically shouted, “Yo, if you don’t clean up, your old man won’t find you!”

This amusing and embarrassing scene shows foreign women’s concept of body hair care. A friend of mine in the UK said that some family doctors in the UK suggested shaving the lower body hair completely and called it a healthier lifestyle. In modern western society, the trimming of private hair tends to be shorter and shorter. This trend is fuelled by more and more exposed bikini, endless hair removal products, repair milk and new services launched in beauty salons. Foreign women’s attitude towards private hair removal is the same as our attitude towards facial care.

Function of private hair

It has long been thought that pubic hair may be a remnant of the fur growing period in human evolutionary history. However, the question is, why did the hair in other parts of the human body disappear?

One theory is that these thicker hairs gather around human parts with apocrine sweat glands and exocrine glands, which may be used to spread special odors (pheromone pheromones decomposed by bacteria) and signal sexual maturity. In addition, in the primitive era when humans didn’t wear pants, deep pubic hair can not only keep warm, but also protect the vulva.

In sexual life, the main function of pubic hair is to buffer the friction during sexual intercourse, because the growth part of pubic hair, pubic caruncle, is one of the stress points during sexual intercourse.

Is private hair removal good or bad?

Some scholars believe that retaining pubic hair is not conducive to private hygiene to a certain extent. Because in modern society, human beings not only have pants, but also underwear. At this time, the covering of vulva by pubic hair will keep the vulva in a warm and humid environment, which may promote the derivation of mold, trichomonas, pubic lice and a variety of pathogenic bacteria.

In 1997-2003, a British study showed that curettage of vulva could reduce the incidence rate of pubic louse. Pubic lice is a parasite that can be transmitted through sexual contact. They mainly parasitize on the hair around the pudenda and anus. Removing the parasitic parts of pubic lice is one of the methods to treat and cut off its transmission route.

However, removing pubic hair brings many other health problems. Due to the delicate and wrinkled private skin, depilation may lead to more skin wounds, allergies and infection problems. The occurrence and severity of these complications are not only related to personal physique, but also related to the selected hair removal methods. Blade scraping is more likely to be scratched, while laser hair removal is prone to burns and skin pigmentation. In general, clean up private

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