Precautions before and after hair removal in summer

Where are you going to find the freshness in summer? First of all, you need to get rid of the fetters of peculiar smell. If you want to be fresh in summer, the first step is to depilate; Secondly, it is necessary to use antiperspirant body ointment to make fresh fragrance. Do these two steps well, and you can rest assured to be a fragrant princess in the summer!

The armpit hair simply adheres to sweat, so the odor making machine. Hair removal can enjoy visual coolness, but pay attention to the following matters:

  1. Before depilation: first wet the skin with warm water and rub on the special gel or mousse for depilation before depilation to prevent excessive influence on the skin.
  2. When removing hair: no matter whether the hair removal knife is used, it is still a pull-out type. Although it can have more power against the long direction of the hair, it is also relatively simple to damage the skin. It advocates forward hair removal. When using honey wax hair removal patch, it should be pasted and pulled out against the hair, and the speed should be fast.

3, after removing hair: apply ice first to cool the skin, then rub the spray, gel or emulsion containing aloe, peppermint, licorice extract and other soothing ingredients, and strengthen the maintenance within 3 days after finishing. In addition, it is recommended to exfoliate the body once every 1 ~ 2 weeks, but avoid the 3-day maintenance period of hair removal.

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