Photon hair removal netizens 8 questions

With the acceptance and wide application of photon hair removal technology, it not only helps people get rid of the trouble of “hair”, but also causes various questions of netizens. Now let’s invite experts to answer the questions related to photon hair removal.

What is photon hair removal

Photon hair removal: the special spectral band strong pulse light emitted by the hair removal instrument can penetrate the skin to the root of the hair follicle, and the emitted heat energy can be transmitted to the deep part of the hair follicle through the cross section of the hair stem, so as to rapidly increase the temperature of the hair follicle until solidification and necrosis, so as to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

What is the effect of photon hair removal treatment?

Photon hair removal has been certified to achieve permanent hair reduction on growing hair for most skin species after several treatments. The specific number of photon hair removal treatment is related to many factors such as skin and hair type. The doctor will provide you with a photon hair removal treatment scheme suitable for you and estimate the number of times you need treatment. The results of clinical studies show that the highest hair reduction rate after multiple photon hair removal treatment is higher than 90%

Is photon depilation better than laser depilation? Why?

In addition to applying the principle of selective photopyrolysis, photon hair removal also uses thermal energy treatment for breakthrough, and the effect is good. Because photon hair removal is multi wavelength, it can be selectively removed for different parts and different depths of hair; Laser often has only one wavelength and limited effective penetration. It can only treat one type of skin, but it has limited effect on another type of skin. Moreover, all hair removal lasers belong to class IV laser, which is very dangerous to human eyes and soft tissue.

Is there any possibility of side effects in photon hair removal?

Because the energy used in photothermal therapy is small, the occurrence of side effects is very rare. Slight redness of the treatment site may occur, but such reactions usually disappear within a few hours. Minimizing sun exposure before and after each treatment will reduce the probability of side effects. After treatment, you can quickly resume your daily work and life.

Why should photon hair removal be treated many times?

Because the hair growth cycle has three stages – growth period, transition period and dormancy period, only the hair in the growth period can be effectively removed.

Is photon hair removal an authoritative hair removal technology?

Photon hair removal is an FDA certified hair removal technology that can safely and effectively remove excess hair from I-IV skin. The design of photon hair removal can provide you with ideal treatment according to the color, structure and different body parts of your hair. As long as any type of hair containing pigment (black, brown, red or even light yellow) can be effectively treated.

What is the principle of photon hair removal?

The principle of photon hair removal is to use the melanin cells in the hair follicle to absorb the light of a specific band to make the hair follicle generate heat and selectively destroy the hair follicle, so as to achieve the effect of removing excess hair while avoiding damage to the surrounding tissue.

Does photon hair removal affect sweat glands?

Photon hair removal will not affect sweat glands. Because the hair follicle contains a large amount of melanin, when photon hair removal, the specific strong pulsed light that is particularly sensitive to the melanin of the hair follicle and does not damage the skin and sweat glands acts directly on the hair follicle, and the heat energy can be transmitted from the hair stem to the deep part of the hair follicle ball to destroy the hair follicle and achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

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