No depilation in spring and sadness in summer

Generally speaking, the hair growth cycle has three stages: growth period, transition period and dormancy period. Therefore, both physical and drug hair removal can only remove the hair seen on the surface during the growth period, while the hair in the transition period or dormant period cannot be treated together. Therefore, hair removal is a long-term war of resistance. The best effect can be achieved only when the hair follicles are most vulnerable during the growth period. There are two common ways of hair removal, one is physical hair removal, the other is drug hair removal. Drug depilation includes the use of depilatory cream and depilatory wax, but due to individual differences and dose factors, skin allergy and even ulceration may occur. For many girls, the two most commonly used methods of physical depilation are pulling and scraping. You can depilate yourself at home. However, whether scraping or pulling, you can only temporarily solve the problem of long body hair. The symptoms are not the root cause. If it is not handled well, it will also cause hair follicle inflammation. After a period of time, the body hair may “make a comeback”, Even more “thick” and “lush” than before.

How to solve the annoying hair removal problem? Now more and more smart girls choose laser instruments for permanent hair removal. Hair removal laser instrument can not only permanently remove body hair, but also beautify the skin, making the skin smooth and delicate. It will not cause skin ulceration like traditional physical hair removal or inflammation of hair follicles left by hair removal and scraping. The frequency of laser hair removal treatment is also related to hair density, color and the proportion of hair follicles in non growth period. If the hair color and density are general, you can see obvious results once or twice. For very thick and thick black hair, you should be patient with treatment, and you can remove it four to six times. The hair removal interval is one month each time. Use laser equipment to remove axillary hair. After about three courses of treatment, you can do it once and for all.

On the market, many beauty salons have also launched hair removal discounts, but girls must not be fooled by low-cost promotions. Domestic laws and regulations stipulate that only in beauty hospitals with medical licenses, licensed medical personnel can carry out laser hair removal. General beauty salons often buy and assemble unqualified hair removal machines at will, solicit customers at low prices, and have beauticians carry out illegal hair removal. In spring and summer every year, cases of skin burns caused by improper operation emerge one after another.

Girls who love beauty must grasp three key points when choosing permanent laser hair removal:

  1. Choose licensed medical institutions: grasp the general principle of choosing laser hair removal. Only beauty hospitals and professional medical personnel with medical licenses are qualified to operate hair removal instruments.
  2. Laser hair removal instruments and equipment: the level of laser hair removal instruments is uneven. The assembly of beauty salons or small hospitals and second-hand laser instruments are potential weapons to hurt people. 3. Preferential price and lump sum price: the price of single laser hair removal is relatively low, but it is absolutely impossible for hair removal to be effective at a single time. Therefore, the beauty agency that provides lump sum price can ensure the effect of permanent hair removal

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