Abnormal depilate divide how not to do?

  Now is the turn of summer and autumn, the weather in the south can not turn. In the season of this skin, the hair of a pair of women is black and dense, let the woman have a lot of small troubles. Experts say laser hair removal can cause hair cysts, and hair is no longer effective, only for growing hair. Also, if you want to use laser hair removal for 2 weeks, you should avoid sunlight observation.

  According to the expert of the seventh affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, depilate basically is to be aimed at the goal of growing period, the regression that grows period ceaselessly eliminates makes the stage that may be about to appear and rest, achieve the purpose of depilate thereby. For the depilation of the person, depilation of different think is different, generally speaking, is to take off the “excess hair”.

  Listen to the 7th Hospital of Zhongshan expert speech?

  Foreign methods in the right erhairs of different targets, such as from the left side of the different targets, is the best target for stripping, poling, waxing, cream, shaving.

  Before tearing heart and lung crack depilation is not broken root! Laser hair removal method using laser method of photothermal absorption, the use of a specific wavelength of laser transmission table of melanin absorption absorption, resulting in thermal destruction, so that the hair fur white, singular no longer grow.

  It only works on long-term hair, so it generally takes 3-6 times to truly achieve permanent hair removal.

  Laser hair removal, can you do it? Experts say patients during weakness and pregnancy; There are other skin diseases and scars of people infected with bacteria, fungi and viruses; Due to the near future estimate will make a judgment; Take a recent drug; Retinoids were required for the first 6 months of treatment; There is a history of exposure in recent 2 weeks can not do depilation.

  What to nurse after laser treatment point?

  1. After invisible hair removal, avoid the sun for 2 weeks and do a good job of sun protection.

  2. After other hair removal, you can use a clean cleaning, and then spray anti-water spring cleaner or water containing water to inspire the skin.

  3. After hair removal, sunscreen must be light and light.

  4. Use of skin care products with the latest price will be suspended after hair removal.

  5. Try not to use hot water for hair removal. Warm water is fine, but don’t take the sauna for 24 hours.

  6, within 24 hours, try not to swim, the water quality of the pool is not good, it is easy to infection, and do not sunbathe.

  Depilate period 1-2 months, different hair is different to grow only commonly. Hair removal is effective for a long time. Therefore, in some cases, in the desire to shed, once found that the inner tube has not grown out, if you need to continue to shed, be sure to look carefully at the requirements of the movement disease. Do not expose yourself to sunlight after the laser is removed.

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