Laser armpit hair removal makes you no longer “afraid of hands and feet”

Every adult has armpit hair, which doesn’t matter to men. If a woman’s armpit hair is thick and dense, I’m afraid it makes you “afraid of hands and feet” in everything. If you want to show your figure freely, axillary depilation is your top priority. However, if you want permanent hair removal, Xiaobian suggests that you still choose laser axillary hair removal.

You may worry that axillary depilation will thicken the pores and affect the skin, but in fact, this can’t happen. Because axillary depilation must meet two important conditions:

First, light can be fully absorbed by hair follicle tissue;

Second, light can effectively pass through the skin to the location of hair follicles.

The laser wavelength is 590-1200nm, and the absorption of melanin is good. Therefore, it can be fully absorbed by hair follicles and destroy hair follicles, so that hair follicles are in a state of atrophy, and pores naturally become thinner and smaller.

The effect of axillary depilation with laser is ideal, and the safety is very high. The laser will not damage healthy skin, but only work on hair follicles, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of axillary depilation. And this method can permanently depilate, which is an ideal depilation method.

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