How many times should laser depilation take off just clean?

Summer is coming soon, laser hair removal instrument hair removal has become a topic of concern for beauty lovers. When it comes to hair removal, every beauty lover can list many methods, such as hair removal cream, shaving knife, etc., but the effect is not good, so body hair is an obstacle to beauty lovers. With the development of medical technology, laser hair removal has become a more concerned problem, laser hair removal to take off several times to clean it?

Excessive body hair is great for women wanting a infection, thick hair effect the beauty of the skin and make the leg and arm lost beauty, nowadays many women want to hair removal, hair removal way also has a lot of on the market, with hair removal cream, razor, etc different ways, but the effect is not good, but with the development of medical technology, people are more willing to try laser hair removal effect, How many times should laser hair removal be clean?

Hair removal equipment is a physical method, which is non-invasive and uses laser selective photothermal effect to destroy hair follicles to achieve hair removal. The hair follicle growth is divided into growing period, resting period and regression period. In growth period within the hair follicle melanin is more, to absorb a large number of laser light source, the light energy is converted into heat energy, break down the follicle tissue, the more the more melanin is clear, the higher the hit rate, the greater the destructive to the hair follicles, and resting period and the regression period less melanin, force is not strong, so growth period be hair removal of good times.

How many times should it be best rated hair removal device?

In general, best hair removal machine for home use 3 to 5 times can achieve the ideal effect. But due to personal physical quality and laser hair removal will also have a small part of the hair growth and other reasons, hair removal effect due to people, some people hair 6 months to grow, and some people may be 1 years later.

At the same time, because the time has hair in the growth and resting period, the need for repeated hair removal to destroy the hair follicle tissue, to achieve the ideal hair removal effect. General limbs hair removal is recommended to do 4 laser hair removal, and the beard is recommended to do about 7 laser hair removal, the effect will be better.

Warm tips: after laser hair removal, we should do a good job of sunscreen and pay attention to eating habits, should be light food, carefully clean the hair removal area every day, keep clean and sanitary.

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