How long does laser hair removal take? Introduction of knowledge points

When summer comes, people with dense hair will find it difficult to choose clothes. If they dress themselves airtight, they will feel very muggy, and their hair is easy to be dirty and stink. If they go out in short clothes and shorts, it will be particularly embarrassing for their hair to be exposed. It’s not that you can’t shave off the hair, but that the hair grows again after shaving. It not only grows fast, but also very rough and hard, which makes people more embarrassed and distressed. So what is a good way to remove hair? We might as well go for laser hair removal, so how long does laser hair removal take? Let’s have the following understanding of this kind of knowledge.

1、 Time required for laser hair removal

Laser depilation can permanently depilate us. As long as the laser with the right wavelength is irradiated in the hair growth area, the melanin in the hair follicle can be destroyed. How long does laser hair removal take? It depends on the size of the depilation area. If only depilation is carried out on the upper lip, it only takes a few minutes. If depilation is carried out on the legs, it will take a long time. Laser hair removal requires more than three to five times to completely stop hair growth, and after each hair removal, the hair growing again at the depilated part is also very thin and soft, not as obvious as before. Because different hair parts have different growth cycles, there will be some differences in the interval of each laser hair removal. The hair on the head can be depilated again after more than a month, and the hair laser treatment interval of other parts of the body takes about two months.

2、 Harm of laser hair removal

We should know how long it takes for laser hair removal. Now let’s understand the harm of laser hair removal. Although laser hair removal is safe, it is heat and light that acts in the deep layer of the skin and shrinks the hair follicles. Therefore, we’d better know more about taboo knowledge for laser hair removal.

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