How long can you exercise after laser depilation? What should you pay attention to after laser depilation

Core tip: in fact, when a person is born, they all have hair. It’s just that some people grow vigorously and some are rare, which is also influenced by genetic factors. Many people choose laser hair removal if they have hair on their legs and hands. In fact, when a person is doing laser hair removal, there are also some precautions.

I wonder if you know anything about laser hair removal. Nowadays, in order to pursue beauty, people will use laser hair removal. Because in their eyes, hair on their legs or hands is a very embarrassing thing, so they will choose laser hair removal. After laser hair removal, there are also some precautions. I hope you can understand.

For the question of how long you can exercise after depilation, it is recommended to exercise after three months. When exercising, we should also pay attention to our own safety. After depilation, we should avoid friction damage caused by forced scrubbing and vigorous exercise. Be sure to avoid hot water and sauna. For example, using irritant bath products is not good. Therefore, in this process, it is best to choose neutral bath products, which is a better choice.

In the operation area, do not use irritant products containing alcohol and lactogen. Common products include toilet water, cooling oil and cosmetics with whitening function. Do not use irritating cosmetics for a period of time after depilation. In addition, within three months, we must avoid strong sunlight. We should do a simple sunscreen on weekdays to protect our skin. During outdoor activities, be sure to apply sunscreen lotion every 2-3 hours.

During depilation, do not use antiperspirant products at the depilation site for the time being, and avoid damage to the skin caused by knife scraping and extraction. Electric razors can be used properly, and women’s razors can be used. In addition, we should pay attention to the diet. In terms of diet, it is better to be light. It is forbidden to eat photosensitive drugs, spicy drugs and food with pigment irritation within a week. We should pay more attention to our diet. After laser hair removal, slight redness and swelling and sensitive skin may occur, but in fact, these are normal reactions. Don’t worry too much. You can use cold compress to solve them. In this way, you can reduce the adverse reactions.

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