How is laser hair removal? The whole process of laser hair removal is exposed

Core tip: folliculitis is a common endocrine disorder. Many patients’ friends will find ways to solve the phenomenon of physical folliculitis. Laser surgery is the best choice for patients, but many people don’t know much about laser surgery. In fact, laser surgery is only a small operation. As long as you understand the process of surgery, you won’t be so nervous and afraid.

Folliculitis is a common skin disease, which often causes very serious harm to patients’ friends. We can remove body hair hormones through laser surgery. However, many friends don’t know much about laser surgery and are worried about laser surgery. In fact, they won’t be so worried as long as they understand the specific operation steps of laser surgery. So, what are the steps of laser hair removal?

  1. Shaving: Although the laser is only a small operation, in order to ensure that when using the laser, it only kills the hair follicle tissue without damaging the normal skin, it is necessary to shave off the body hair at the operation site with aseptic one-time before the operation, so as to prevent the body hair from hindering the laser from penetrating the skin and reduce the probability of body hair regeneration. And the depilation area must be cleaned before operation.
  2. Application of gel: after the patient’s friend shaves his body hair, the professional doctor will apply some cool gel on the surgical site to protect the skin, which can effectively prevent the skin from being burned in the process of laser surgery and reduce the patient’s pain.
  3. Depilation: depilation is to use the light wave of the laser to repeatedly scan the body hair in the depilation area. The doctor will make the laser move repeatedly at the depilation place and thoroughly scan the hair root. When the intensity of the laser increases, the patient will feel a slight pain in the skin, so we are too worried.
  4. Cleaning: after the operation, the skin should be cleaned. Usually, the applied gel should be gently wiped off with a disinfection knife, and the fallen hair will be scraped off together, and then cleaned with clean water. It is necessary to remind everyone that within a week after the operation, irritating skin care products should not be used at the depilated parts.

The above introduces the whole process of laser hair removal. I believe you have a clear understanding of the detailed steps of laser surgery. Laser surgery is not complex, and the effect of treating folliculitis is relatively good. Generally, it will not relapse. It should be noted that laser surgery must be performed in a regular hospital, and do not go to some private small clinics for surgical treatment to prevent being cheated.

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