How about laser hair removal in summer? Why not recommend laser hair removal in summer

Core tip: laser hair removal uses the principle of melanin’s absorption of light and heat to remove melanin from hair follicles. There are many precautions for laser hair removal. For example, you can’t eat spicy food after laser hair removal. It’s not recommended to use washing products for hair removal. You can only use clean water. In addition, you need to pay attention to sunscreen, so it’s best not to do hair removal in summer.

Depilation can not only make people’s skin more smooth, compact and beautiful, but also clean and sanitary for people with particularly strong hair, especially for people with heavy armpit hair. There are many methods of hair removal. With the progress of science and technology, more and more people will use laser hair removal, because laser hair removal solves the problems such as poor pain effect of traditional hair removal. In addition, the price of laser hair removal is not very expensive, so it can also be accepted by people. Laser hair removal is good, but there are many things that need to be paid attention to. How about laser hair removal in summer? Why not recommend laser hair removal in summer? Through the following article, you should know why laser hair removal is not recommended in summer.

First, laser hair removal is a kind of hair removal that uses the principle of RF penetration technology to make melanin in hair follicle absorb light and heat to achieve the effect of hair removal. Laser hair removal solves the disadvantages of traditional hair removal, such as pain, damage to hair follicles, poor effect and so on.

Second, laser hair removal can be done all year round, but laser hair removal in summer is not as good as the other three seasons. The main reasons are as follows. 1. For sunscreen, you must sunscreen after laser hair removal at any part. The skin of the part that has just finished hair removal will be more sensitive. Due to the strong ultraviolet rays in summer, it is easy to have allergies caused by the sun. 2. Clean up the problem. The depilated parts can’t be washed with toiletries on the same day. They only need to be washed with clean water. In hot summer, people sweat more, and most people wash with shower gel and soap, so it’s not very good.

Third, after laser hair removal, you also need to pay attention to diet. After laser hair removal, you can’t eat spicy and irritating food on the same day.

Many people don’t know why they don’t recommend laser hair removal in summer. Through the above points, we should be able to understand in detail. Although laser hair removal can be done all year round, laser hair removal in spring, autumn and winter will be better than that in summer. The depilation effect of laser should be better than that of the traditional depilation cycle, because the depilation effect will not be better if the laser depilation cycle is not followed.

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