Knowledge is vital. Laser eyebrow washing machine common sense!

  The main function of eyebrow washing machine is to remove colored eyebrow, eyeliner, lip line and other tattoos. On a shallow surface. Simple eyebrow washing machine is basically not produced. Due to low energy and power, the scope of application is small, which is not conducive to diversified development.

  1. How to wash tattoos? Every interval?

  As far as possible to use close to the focus of high energy treatment, bleeding point effect is particularly good. For ordinary blue and black removal, 1064nm bald head is selected, and for red or brown removal, 532 bald head is selected. The treatment interval is 30-60 days, and the treatment cycle is until cleaning.

  2. How to treat facial spots and how long is the interval?

  Liver spots in the south, such as butterfly spots, are better treated because of the climate. Shallow freckles formed day after day, washing effect is better. Hereditary deep freckles are effective; Senile plaques can be rinsed with focus and marked for bleeding. The usual course of treatment is three courses, about 45 days apart.

  3. Treatment of mole

  For moles, it is recommended to wash them with a bald head at 1064nm. Treatment intervals of 15-30 days, regular treatment until clean. Use focused energy to hit the nevus bleeder. Energy can be determined according to an individual’s ability to bear it. The number of treatments is relatively high, but the number of treatments is relatively low.

  4. Can scar constitution be washed?

  Few scars can be washed, but the effect is not as good as normal skin. In the washing process, try to use large spots and low energy, and prohibit washing with focused energy.

  5. How to wash red blood and to what extent?

  We recommend not washing blood because blood contains hemoglobin, which absorbs light at 532nm during treatment. If not timely diffusion, will form “purpura”, resulting in failure.

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