Which depilation apparatus is better to use?

  Depilate implement is to point to purify the instrument such as body hair, lip hair, armpit hair. Hair removal devices on the market are mainly “female hair removal devices”, girls need to remove hair to help themselves to dress.

  Multifunctional OPT: This instrument is familiar to beauty salon operators and has been selling well in the market. The multifunctional large depilator in the beauty salon can depilate at freezing point, in the summer depilation peak, can give customers a better depilation experience. Adopting advanced flat-top square wave technology, the energy emitted by the instrument is balanced and stable, with complete functions and high market share.

  Semiconductor: Semiconductor laser technology is a medical grade professional hair removal technology. It is a professional hair removal instrument for sensitive skin, can remove lip hair, armpit hair and other sensitive parts of the hair. High energy concentrated hair removal laser is used. More than 90% of the hair follicles can absorb enough heat to destroy it, the removal effect is cleaner. It is a professional hair removal machine.

  E Light depilator: It is relatively cheap before the large depilation equipment in beauty salons, and many projects can be completed, such as depilation and freckle removal. However, there is no advantage in hair removal at present. There will be obvious pain during hair removal, which is unacceptable to many customers. And requires the operator to have a certain skill, can not like 808 hair removal machine as fast removal. The hair removal process can be difficult for beauticians and customers, so many salons don’t use the equipment now.

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