Which method is used for hair removal is divided into several methods?

  It’s the season to show your arms and legs again, but after a winter, the fur on your body grows longer and it’s not pretty at all. What method should I use to remove hair?

  Which method is better for hair removal?

  As far as the current medical level of hair removal is concerned, there are the following methods.

  Medicinal hair removal and laser hair removal.

  Laser hair removal can be a permanent method of hair removal. This kind of hair removal has strong pertinence, obvious curative effect, simple operation, fast speed, mild pain, usually no scars and no adverse reactions.

  Medicated hair removal is not permanent hair removal. The commonly used depilatory creams now only remove hair temporarily, not permanently.

  How many methods are there for hair removal?

  1. Shave with a razor

  Advantages: convenient and easy to operate, the unit price of the razor is also low;

  Disadvantages: Blackheads need to be dealt with frequently, and body hair will become thicker and thicker;

  2, hair removal cream, hair removal

  Advantages: Hair removal cream contains chemical components that can dissolve hair, and can dissolve hair shafts to achieve the purpose of hair removal;

  Disadvantages: Depilatory cream can temporarily remove hair, but because depilatory cream only temporarily inhibits hair follicle cells, new hair will grow soon, and long-term use will cause allergies.

  3, ice color toning hair removal

  Effect: The laser used for skin cooling and hair removal can completely kill the melanocytes that grow hair, completely exclude them from the body, and fundamentally solve the hair problem;

  Painless: The cold toning hair removal, coupled with the whole process of sapphire cooling, makes laser hair removal into a painless era;

  Safety: The cold toning hair removal adopts 10J low energy density and a full cooling system, which reduces the probability of side effects to almost zero;

  Is hair removal harmful to the body?

  It is recommended that laser hair removal be done 3-5 times, which can remove hair completely. Laser hair removal is to use the thermal effect of laser to act on the hair follicles to remove the necrotic hair of the hair follicle and achieve the purpose of permanent hair loss. However, the chemical ingredients contained in the depilatory cream are corrosive and easily damage the skin, so it is not recommended to use it.

  Is hair removal harmful to the skin?

  Laser hair removal still has some minor side effects: there will be a slight tingling sensation during laser hair removal, a slight burning sensation after the operation, and there will be slight erythema and follicular papules on the local skin, which can disappear within a few hours. Individual patients may develop purpura, blisters, temporary hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, most of which can recover after a few months. It should be noted that due to tingling, painful stimulation may stimulate uterine contractions, it is not recommended for pregnant women.

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