In summer, freezing point laser hair removal is hot again

  With the arrival of summer, many people with hair removal needs are ready to try again. In the face of all kinds of weapons, they have rich fighting experience, can be depressed, take off year after year, year after year, in the pursuit of “hairless” on the road endless.

  Yin Xingping, director of dermatology department of people’s Hospital of Suzhou High-tech New District, introduces doctor, the growth of hair divides 3 periods: growth period — the mitotic activity of hair mother cell is the highest, melanin is the most; Degenerative and resting stages – the activity of hair parent cells decreases until they lose activity, resulting in hair loss. Therefore, each part of the hair does not grow or shed at the same time, at the same time, each growth cycle of hair.

  Traditional way of hair removal, mainly to depilate cream, hair removal, tweezers, shaving knife, the advantage is easy to obtain, strong operability (accessible), the disadvantage is that only purify skin outside of the hair, the hair also will grow in the short term, does not reduce the amount of hair, and in the process of operation, easy to hurt the skin, the chemical material such as part of the crowd to depilate cream have a stimulus or allergic reactions.

  How to achieve permanent hair removal? Director Yin said, can use freezing point laser hair removal. The principle of selective solar-thermal role: laser energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft and follicle selectively, the melanin to absorb light energy transformed into heat energy, make the hair follicle temperature rise, to a certain extent, irreversible damage to the structure, hair follicle degeneration and atrophy no longer growth, so as to achieve “permanent” hair removal effect. Compared with the traditional depilation way, its advantage is to add the freezing point technology (cooling device), high comfort, the skin basically without damage reaction, depilation at the same time there is the effect of tender skin, theoretically infinite approaching “permanent depilation”. Need to remind is that the freezing point hair removal to go to a professional medical or qualified beauty institutions; The cost is relatively higher than traditional hair removal.

  So, how many times does freezing laser hair removal need to be treated? Outpatient service on many people who seek beauty will be concerned: “doctor, laser hair removal once can?” “Doctor, after depilation whether can a root also not grow?” Director Yin says, first of all we understand what is permanent depilation. Permanent hair removal is a relative concept, that is, after a certain period of treatment, the amount of regenerated hair can achieve a long-term stable reduction state, can be called permanent hair removal. Freezing point laser hair removal does not destroy all the hair follicles, some damage, some turn into fine hairs, the rest into an extended resting period, thus achieving the goal. The hair in the growing period has the highest effect. Therefore, hair removal often requires periodic treatment for many times to achieve a relatively ideal hair reduction state. It usually takes 6 to 8 times, and the vast majority of patients can achieve a satisfactory state, rather than all hair follicle destruction in the laser treatment area.

  Can laser depilate affect sweat? Yin said that many of the problems that beauty seekers worry about are completely unnecessary. Remember that hair follicles and sweat glands are two completely separate tissues, and the laser destroys hair follicles, not sweat gland tissue, so it doesn’t affect perspiration.

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