How to use laser hair remover! Must see!

  Laser hair remover is an instrument that uses the principle of selective thermodynamics to select appropriate power, energy density and light spot to treat excess hair according to different characteristics of patients.

  Laser hair remover

  1, before use, in the area to remove hair, please use a razor to remove hair. If the recent (last week) hair removal method is physical hair removal (such as depilation pliers, wax paper, etc.) , can be irradiated hair removal without the need for shaving. In this step, please note that unshaven or dirty skin may have adverse effects when exposed, because the dust carried in our hair may absorb part of the light energy, causing severe pain or redness of the skin, the hair on the skin may be burned, severely burning the surface of the skin;

  2. Thoroughly clean the skin to ensure that there is no hair, completely dry and oily substance residue (perfume, lotion, perfume body fluid, sunscreen residue, etc.);

  3. Check whether the instrument body and air outlet are clean and tidy. If there are contaminants such as hair, dust, and fibers, wipe them carefully.

  4. After using the instrument for a period of time, please check whether there are obvious abnormalities of skin color, such as from white to black or purple; If necessary, go to the hospital immediately to check the skin, because pulse light first serves the medical industry, and obvious abnormalities may indicate lesions at the bottom of the skin;

  5. Wear protective glasses for each operation. The hair remover you buy in the market generally comes with protective glasses. Although pulsed light does not directly affect the eye, high-frequency flashes of light may have some effect on our vision.

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