What are the advantages of eyebrow washing machine?

  The main function of eyebrow washing machine is to remove colored eyebrow, eyeliner, lip line and other tattoos. On a shallow surface. Simple eyebrow washing machine is basically not produced. Due to low energy and power, the scope of application is small, which is not conducive to diversified development.

  Principle: Laser eyebrow washing machine uses Q switch technology, in a short time to release the laser energy to form a huge pulse, which is absorbed by the pathological pigment tissue to form a shock wave, crushing the pigment tissue. The pigment broken by the shock wave can be taken away by macrophages, and the pigment gradually fades until it disappears, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment. Because normal tissue absorbs very little laser light at 1064nm, the integrity of the cell framework is maintained without scar formation. This is unmatched by any other method at present. Because laser pigment removal does not destroy normal tissue, its safety to the greatest extent to ensure that customers will not have complications after treatment.

  1. Laser tattoo washing can remove large, heavy color patterns. In any case, the final result of tattoo washing depends on the size, location and pigment of the design. A tattoo wash can use the most advanced technology to remove large, heavily colored patterns, called a photocured tattoo wash.

  2. Laser tattoo washing can be selectively treated by using different wavelengths of laser, so that the skin is not damaged.

  In this eyebrow washing or tattoo method, light is injected into the skin and pigment particles turn into powder, increasing the jump between them, which is then absorbed and removed by macrophages. If the tattoo is dark, it can be repeated multiple times.

  3. Tattoo cleaning does not require local anesthesia, which is another benefit of scar removal surgery such as laser scar removal.

  4. The most significant advantage is that laser tattoos don’t need to be cut or worn, and in most cases, they don’t leave obvious scars. Other methods are the most likely to cause scarring.

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