What is the difference between laser hair removal and IPL hair removal? Which method is better?

  Have you ever experienced permanent hair removal? Or are you looking for ways to permanently remove hair? Then let me tell you that the most popular permanent hair removal methods are laser hair removal and IPL hair removal. What is the difference between laser hair removal and IPL hair removal? Which kind of permanent hair removal method is better?

  There is no doubt that laser hair removal has more advantages than IPL hair removal. Laser hair removal is safer and more effective. It is also the only method and method that can truly achieve permanent hair removal.

  These two therapies have been commercialized since the mid-1990s, but they are clearly different. The problem here is that many hair removal clinics claim to provide “laser” hair removal, but in fact they only use IPL. In this article, when we talked about the difference between laser hair removal and IPL hair removal, we clarified some misunderstandings and took the shot directly. After reading this article, you will know what to pay attention to.

  Both of these hair removal treatments involve the production of light energy, which is then absorbed into the melanin of the hair, which ultimately damages the hair follicles. The purpose is to destroy the hair roots and reduce hair growth.

  Light is most easily absorbed and attracted by dark objects. We have all heard that wearing dark clothes in summer is much hotter than wearing white clothes. It’s true! Dark-colored clothes absorb light energy and convert it into heat, while light-colored clothes reflect light energy. In a similar way, laser energy is absorbed more by the dark pigments in the skin (but the speed and intensity are much faster). In more technical terms, this dark target substance (chromophore) can be produced naturally or introduced artificially. Melanin is considered to be the main chromophore of most lasers. The hair removal laser selectively targets one of three chromophores: carbon, hemoglobin, or melanin.

  Laser has three unique characteristics.

  The laser is monochromatic, which means that the light emitted by the laser is of one wavelength (color). In contrast, ordinary white light is a combination of many different wavelengths (colors).

  Laser is coherent, which means that the light is fully enhanced and does not cancel itself out. The coherent light produced by laser light is different from ordinary light because it is composed of waves with the same wavelength and phase (that is, synchronized with each other).

  ”collimation” means that the light waves are parallel. This makes the laser very powerful because almost 100% of the light can effectively treat hair loss.

  The laser selectively targets a specific chromophore, that is, melanin, which has a certain wavelength. This allows deeper penetration, and the energy is directed directly at the target without being absorbed by other chromophores in the beam path. If used properly, the laser can selectively destroy specific targets without harming surrounding tissues. The laser machine is set to emit the precise wavelength required to treat the hair.

  Intense Pulsed Light

  On the other hand, IPL devices are not lasers. These devices produce a wide range of wavelengths (such as light bulbs) and cannot be focused into a concentrated beam. Since a series of different wavelengths are dispersed at different depths, only a part of it is effectively absorbed by the hair follicles, resulting in unqualified results and increasing the risk of burns.

  Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is not monochromatic, which means that IPL has many different colors, and only a few are effective in treating hair loss.

  IPL is inconsistent and has no enhancement, so it is not very effective in treating hair loss.

  IPL is not collimated, so it spreads quickly, making it less effective in hair loss treatment.

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