The principle of opt hair removal device and how to choose a laser hair removal device?

  OPT Hair Removal Beauty Apparatus (Pulse Technology) is an intelligent, non-peeling skin reconstruction system that integrates skin cooling technology, pulsed light technology and radio frequency technology. It is a leap forward in photon rejuvenation technology, which greatly expands the application range of IPL technology. Compared with the traditional photorejuvenation technology, the photorejuvenation technology with OPT technology as the core has.

  On the other hand, it can penetrate into skin collagen, stimulate collagen proliferation, inhibit oil gland secretion, increase skin elasticity and refinement, and eliminate small wrinkles. It also shrinks the hair and pores at the same time, so that the skin becomes soft, white and delicate from the deep texture. The dull, loose, loose and rough skin, and large pores will disintegrate. In all directions, keep your skin smooth and fresh for a long time, and return your natural beauty as a technology that serves the skin rejuvenation project.

  Features of Opt Hair Removal Device:

  1. Large spot area, strong energy and quantity.

  2. Sliding operation, fast operation speed.

  3. Painless hair removal can be achieved.

  The working characteristics of opt hair removal device:

  1. Pigmentation surgery: can quickly and effectively see the epidermal spots, generally visible at one time. After 4-5 operations, significant results can be achieved, and the deeper points are slower.

  2. Hair, thin blood, tube swelling: After general surgery, redness, swelling and blood streaks are obviously reduced, and some customers only have obvious changes after a few operations.

  3. Take off. Hair once. Effective and completely cleared. Except 4-5 times,

  4, acne, pit mark repair, complicated: 2-3 times, severe cases need several times before the effect is obvious.

  What are the factors involved in surgery?

  Surgical esthetician: Surgical methods and experience are very important. Different people can operate the same device with different effects.

  Operation equipment: The flow equipment is the key, which depends on the quality of the equipment itself. Of course, different devices are different. Although some devices are similar in appearance, the internal quality is quite different, which will definitely affect the operation effect.

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