Freezing point depilation: real painless permanent depilation

I believe that many women who pay attention to image not only pay attention to the overall image, but also do not easily miss the beauty of details. Especially for the indecent body hair, I feel happy after getting rid of it. The traditional hair removal methods of knife scraping, scissors or hair removal cream have not been recognized for a long time. More women who love beauty will choose laser hair removal. Although laser technology has been used for hair removal for several generations, there is no doubt about its effect. However, in the process of treatment, delicate female skin still hopes to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal in a safe and painless state. Freezing point laser hair removal, a globally recognized painless permanent laser hair removal technology, has become a laser hair removal technique pursued by many women since its advent.

How does freezing point painless laser hair removal achieve “painless”?

Human hair is composed of hair stem, hair root and hair ball, which are contained in hair follicles formed by epithelial cells and connective tissue. To remove the hair so that it will never grow again, scraping off the hair stem outside the body surface is obviously just “superficial Kung Fu”. The whole hair follicle must be destroyed in order to achieve the goal of hair removal.

Traditional laser hair removal adopts extremely short laser pulse (millisecond level) and instantaneous high energy. When irradiating the hair, it is preferentially absorbed by the melanin in the hair root and hair ball. The temperature of the hair follicle is raised to more than 65 degrees. The high temperature generated at this temperature directly “burns” the hair follicle, and the hair stops growing. When the laser “burns” the hair, every time a laser pulse is emitted, the high temperature will cause the nerve endings to feel pain. The traditional laser hair removal process is painful and long.

Freezing point painless laser hair removal is a specially designed dual pulses laser. It does not need to burn hair follicles. Just raise the temperature of hair follicles to 45 degrees and maintain it for a short time, and the hair follicles and surrounding growing stem cells will be destroyed, so as to achieve the goal of permanent hair removal. The feeling of the whole depilation process is cool first, then warm, almost no pain.

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