Do not be careless about the eight points for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a common medical hair removal method at present. There are many precautions in hair removal treatment. Experts remind that careful consideration is needed when choosing laser hair removal treatment, and blind implementation should be avoided.

  1. Patient selection

The best indication is patients with little skin pigment but deep hair pigment. With the lighter hair color and darker skin color, the difficulty of laser treatment increases.

  1. Anaesthesia

No matter what kind of laser is used, the pain intensity of all parts of the body is different, and the feeling of the skin is directly proportional to the color depth of the hair to be treated. The cooling system can reduce some pain.

  1. Treatment time of laser hair removal

Hair falls off periodically. Growing hair is the best target for laser treatment. Select the time period according to different areas. The hair growth cycle is consistent with the hair growth at this place. It should be treated when most of the hair is in the growth period. The relative stationary period of hair is short (6-12 weeks). The treatment interval was 1 month. The rest period of trunk and limb hair is 12-24 weeks with an interval of 2 months.

  1. Treatment times

Treatment should be continued until the hair is reduced to the corresponding number, usually 2-6 times.

  1. Treatment of dark skin

For patients with dark skin, low flux laser treatment should be used first to prevent skin reactions, such as scars or pigment changes. The patient should be evaluated after several weeks. In dark skin, safe and effective treatment requires less skin melanin absorption. Using long wavelength laser can reduce the affinity of surface melanin, high luminous flux and long pulse period. Skin cooling is the most important.

  1. Edema and erythema around hair follicles

If the hair follicle unit absorbs enough energy, the results usually appear in 3-5 minutes. It is generally caused by local congestion and edema. If this does not happen, the luminous flux can be increased within the safe range. If the hair is very thin and the color is very light, the reaction may be very light even if it is adjusted to the highest. If the surface is not cooled, the melanocytes on the skin surface will react.

  1. Complications of laser hair removal

When using the laser, if the light flux is appropriate and the skin is cooled, there will be no scar. Pigmentation is the most lasting side effect. Even without treatment, it can usually disappear within 6 months.

  1. Nursing after laser hair removal

After operation, most patients felt slight sunburn like pain, which generally disappeared within 2-3 hours without treatment. After treatment, there are mild erythema and edema, which can last for 2-3 days on the face and up to 7 days on the trunk, but generally do not need to be bandaged. The treatment area should be carefully cleaned with soap and water twice a day. Small blisters can be treated with bacitracin three times a day until they disappear. If you want to be exposed to sunlight within 6 weeks, you should apply sunscreen.

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