Note after using laser depilator!

  Laser hair remover is an instrument that uses the principle of selective thermodynamics to select appropriate power, energy density and light spot to treat excess hair according to different characteristics of patients.

  Laser hair remover

  1, avoid direct sunlight, again, before and after the operation to pay attention to sunscreen! Otherwise, it’s easy to fight against the sun, which will be fixed, but it will be very troublesome.

  2. Pores are easy to open after hair removal. Do not steam in the sauna room at this time, so as not to take a bath when the water temperature is too high to stimulate the skin. Basically, avoid bathing and swimming for 6 hours after laser hair removal to avoid inflammation.

  3. Avoid drinking alcohol within a week after laser hair removal, do not enter or leave high-temperature places, such as sauna, steam, hot spring bath, etc.

  4. Protect wet. After laser hair removal for 24 hours, enhance moisturizing. Choose moisturizers that are highly moisturizing, hypoallergenic, less oily, and avoid essential oils.

  5. Eat more food rich in vitamin C to improve immunity and reduce the production of pigment. Eat less photosensitive food, such as leek, celery, soy sauce, papaya, etc.

  6. When redness occurs, try to lower the skin temperature. Cold sprays and ice packs can be used.

  7. Do not wipe any functional or hormone-containing products during treatment.

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