How long can you take a bath after laser depilate?

Now portable Diode Laser Hair removal machine for home hair removal is a very popular medical beauty project, how long can you touch the water to take a shower after the removal? This is a lot of laser hair removal little sister want to know, the following content will have a clear answer.

It is now summer, especially in the south, the weather is high temperature, if you do not take a bath for a day is not a little uncomfortable? A lot of people say just did laser depilate to be unable to take a bath that day, be after all? How long can I take a shower after pulsed diode laser hair removal?

After laser depilate how long can you take a bath?

During diode laser hair removal home use, it is not advisable to take a shower immediately after hair removal, because laser will have certain influence on the skin. The skin is very fragile and sensitive after hair removal, and the skin pores are dilated. Taking a shower immediately will stimulate the skin and cause shock, which is not conducive to the recovery of the skin after laser hair removal. Local redness and swelling may also occur at the depilation site, so you should take a shower after the skin has recovered.

Generally, you can take a bath 24 hours after the operation. Laser hair removal is a non-invasive laser technology, so water can be stained 24 hours later, but try not to bathe too high water temperature, can not wipe the skin of the operation site forcibly.

If it is more obvious parts, try to avoid exposure to the sun for half a year, do a good job of sunscreen, reduce sunlight exposure.

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