Can systemic depilation have harm what does the harm of systemic depilation have?

Full body hair removal has become a fad. Because with the growth of body hair. So the Best Diode Laser Hair removal machine industry is also in full swing. So, do you know the dangers of full-body grooming?

Summer is a special time, because summer to summer, the beauty of the street will appear in large quantities. However, a lot of girls are very annoying hair is more vigorous. So they will choose to go to the hospital to have a full body hair removal surgery. But you know what? What harm does systemic depilation have?

Can systemic depilation have harm?

General body depilation, easy to cause pore blockage or bacterial infection caused dermatitis is likely, if the use of depilation agent depilation, the skin also has a certain corrosive effect! It is recommended that if there is no discomfort, or too much body hair, it is better not to use depilation agent, so as not to grow the body hair after depilation will be thick and black. Eat light at ordinary times!

What does the harm of systemic depilation have?

1, hair removal may cause skin allergy back to you, the principle of hair removal is to use laser to destroy the hair follicle work, skin sensitive people, with laser hair removal will cause skin discomfort, causing skin sensitivity and other symptoms.

  1. If the hair follicles are not completely destroyed in the process of depilation, it is likely that the pores of the body will be blocked after depilation.
  2. Depilation is likely to leave mild erythema on the skin because of burns. The laser light waves used for hair removal can burn the skin, and some people with sensitive skin can have redness after hair removal.
  3. Depilation easily leads to dry skin. After the hair follicles are destroyed, the skin on the body will begin to dehydrate and desquamate, which are caused by dry skin.

What can I use for full-body hair removal?

1, cloth hair removal

According to the size of the needed depilation part, cut off the cloth and stick it on the needed part, and tear it off quickly with force. Tear down the action to fast effect just good, otherwise it will be very painful. Depilation is generally carried out in beauty salons. Expert tips: use will cause pain, but stickers unlike wax will cause irritation to the skin; When tearing down, the body hair is easy to stay in part of the pores, broken half of the hair end is very easy to plunge into the hair follicle, causing folliculitis.

2, razor, electric razor hair removal

Want nurturance to scrape the habit everyday, grow the xiaohu hawthorn that gives a black otherwise very unsightly. Just like men do before shaving, apply shaving cream to your skin. Expert clew: use razor to blow wool, hair can grow thicker more. If the operation is not skilled, it is easy to scratch the pores, damage the young skin, resulting in redness and swelling.

3, photon hair removal

Using the melanocytes in the hair follicle to absorb the light of specific band, the hair follicle produces heat and selectively destroys the hair follicle. At the same time, the heat emitted can be transmitted to the depth of the hair follicle through the cross section of the hair stem to rapidly increase the temperature of the hair follicle so as to achieve the effect of removing hair while avoiding the damage to the surrounding tissues.

4, clip hair removal

Physical hair removal. Suitable for less wool, not afraid of pain. The clip pulls the hair out. Experts hint: if the cleanliness of the pores is not enough, it will make the skin resistance to decline, redness and infection. Use some antibiotics to avoid infection.

With what is systemic depilation better?

  1. Diode Laser Hair removal device: It is one of the most authoritative hair removal products. The effect is good but it won’t hurt the wallet.

2, wax: painful hair loss method, although the effect is not out, not so fast, but the pain of the heart ah. A hundred upvotes for anyone who can keep waxing this way.

3, hair removal cream: this is a commonly used way, fast speed, low cost and zero pain, but it is not uprooted, so it will grow faster.

Using laser hair removal can get rid of this traditional full body hair removal harm, trust technology, you can be more beautiful.

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