Can a depilator permanently remove hair?

  A depilator is a small electrical appliance used to remove body hair. The main hair remover on the market is “female hair remover”, used to remove armpit hair, leg hair and other parts of the hair, to help women dress up.

  1. It has been mentioned that human hair has a growth cycle (growth, decline and rest), and the depilator is used to inactivate the hair mother cells. Since the hair mother cells in the declining and resting stages have been inactivated, the depilator only works on the growing hairs, not the declining and resting hairs.

  2. Hairy mother cells are not permanently inactivated, but will recover after a period of time.

  Therefore, hair remover cannot permanently remove hair. But the hair is used for a period of time, the growth of the hair mother cell deactivation, hair removal effect will be better.


  1. When using the depilator, make the knife head and skin into a right Angle, against the direction of hair growth forward.

  2. Before removal, massage your arms and legs in a jacuzzi bath to make your hair stand up. Hair removal begins 15 minutes after a hot bath. The skin is soft, pores are relaxed and pain is minimized.

  3. After hair removal, we will pay attention to moisturize the skin with some clear soft lotion.

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