Check the types of laser hair removal

Many beauty seekers are very concerned about laser hair removal, because they all have the trouble of excessive and dense body hair, which not only brings them a lot of embarrassing problems, but also makes their skin very bad. Nowadays, laser hair removal is a very good way of hair removal, and can play a permanent hair removal effect. However, for the types of laser hair removal, this is something that many beauty seekers do not understand. Let’s take a detailed look at it.

Laser hair removal surgery is roughly divided into two categories. One is a new type of powerful pulse laser based on the method of light. This new type of laser hair removal is to set a safe light wave wavelength according to the patient’s skin characteristics, hair characteristics and hair removal parts. To track the dark brown hair follicles and vaporize the hair nipples to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. The new laser light can transfer energy to dozens or more hair follicles at one time, wither the hair follicles and achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. The other is laser hair removal based on ruby laser, Alexandrite laser and yacr laser.

The general effect of laser hair removal is related to the interval time, energy and times of treatment, and the collective individual difference is also a factor. Generally speaking. When the number of treatment is more, it is more likely to achieve the purpose of long-term hair removal. If the number of treatment is too small, the effect of treatment will be temporary. Therefore, the permanent depilation effect is relative rather than.

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