Can you move after laser depilation? How long can laser depilation move

Core tip: laser hair removal is a popular and popular treatment now, because the surgical effect of laser hair removal is good and the pain is small. Although the side effects of laser surgery are small, it is suggested that people who have just finished the surgery should pay more attention to rest and try to avoid exercise, so as to avoid sweating at the surgical site, leading to infection and affecting recovery.

Laser hair removal is now a very common and lasting way of hair removal. Although hair removal cream and wax hair removal methods can have an effect, on the whole, laser hair removal has less side effects on the body and less pain. Therefore, this article is to introduce some information about laser hair removal in detail, hoping to popularize some relevant common sense to you.

Can you exercise after laser hair removal?

Although laser hair removal has no side effects on the human body, it is generally not recommended to do strenuous exercise for patients who have just finished laser. Because as long as you exercise, you will definitely sweat, which will easily lead to local infection and affect the subsequent recovery. Secondly, after depilation, the skin of patients will be more sensitive, and some people will have slight pain and redness. Therefore, it is usually recommended that you must have a good rest after laser depilation. Generally, the pain and discomfort of depilation will be relieved after a week’s rest, and the patients can exercise normally after a week.

What should we pay attention to after laser hair removal?

Usually, patients who have finished laser hair removal surgery must pay attention to sunscreen and avoid sunlight to avoid infection. Secondly, it is suggested that patients should not wear underwear with too dark color or unclean, so as to prevent infection and inflammation of depilated parts. In addition, 6 weeks after laser hair removal, if there is new hair growing on the affected area, you must not pull it out or scrape it off by yourself, otherwise the laser operation will have an effect.

Many people don’t understand laser hair removal and think it will damage the body’s tissues, but in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Because laser hair removal will not cause any damage to the sweat glands of the human body, and the effect is also very good. Because many patients are born with too much hair, the effect of complete cure can only be achieved through surgery. Therefore, laser hair removal is a relatively safe treatment, but it is suggested that we must choose a formal institution or hospital for treatment.

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