Can laser hair removal be done after makeup? Notes on the first four taboos of laser hair removal

Core tip: for a delicate girl paper, in addition to dressing herself up, there is another link that can not be ignored: depilation! Yimei laser hair removal has high safety, mild pain and long duration, which has been favored by many women, but do you really understand the taboo of laser hair removal? Don’t depilate. If you don’t succeed, your skin will be hurt!

Girls are looking forward to summer, because they can dress up carefully, wear beautiful skirts, put on a delicate and natural makeup, and show their youngest and most beautiful side. Some girls feel embarrassed when they raise their hands and feet when they look in the mirror. In order to get rid of excess hair on the surface, many beauty seekers will choose medical beauty laser hair removal, which is longer and safer. But before laser hair removal, beauty seekers need to pay attention to these four taboos:

1、 Laser hair removal after heavy makeup, hair removal has no effect.

Many beautiful girls believe that makeup before hair removal can reduce the damage of laser to the skin; As everyone knows, your little move may make laser hair removal without any effect. Because photosensitive components are usually added to cosmetics, such as salicylic acid, fruit acid and A-acid derivatives. Photosensitive ingredients make hair follicle melanin factor more active, and the laser may not work! Therefore, it is recommended to remove the makeup before laser hair removal.

2、 If the skin has inflammation or infection, laser hair removal is prohibited.

Before laser hair removal, keep the skin clean without inflammation. If the skin has inflammation or infection, inform the doctor in time to avoid laser stimulation and aggravate skin inflammation.

3、 Laser hair removal is prohibited for special people.

Laser belongs to high energy density and highly directional light radiation. For special groups of pregnant women, they should also stay away from such radiation in their daily life, so as not to endanger the health of the fetus. Pregnant women should laser hair removal after pregnancy.

4、 It is forbidden to use depilatory cream and wax paper 8 weeks before operation.

The chemical substances of depilation cream and depilation wax paper remain in the body, and laser depilation has no effect. It takes 8 weeks for chemicals to be excreted from the body.

Laser hair removal is the most direct and accurate technology to damage hair follicles on the market. Other hair removal methods only cut off or pull off the hair stem on the surface, which can not damage the hair, and even grow stronger and stronger. Warm midsummer, get rid of plush jade arms, flying leg hair at skirt corners, and laser hair removal is the best choice for beauty lovers once and for all.

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