Can color light permanently depilate?

Do you want to know how to permanently depilate? What is the effective method? Beautiful, smooth and tender skin can make you more attractive and temperament. For those who want hair removal treatment, it is of great significance to choose color light hair removal treatment technology.

Color light depilation is a good choice for permanent depilation. Experts say that color light depilation is based on the principle of selective thermodynamics. The light beam emitted by the photon head will penetrate the hair follicle epithelium, hair nipple and hair follicle on the surface of the skin, which are rich in melanin. The melanin in the hair and hair ball absorbs light energy, converts it into heat energy and transmits it to the hair follicle, The generated heat forms an instant local high temperature, and the hair follicles are damaged, so as to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

Color light depilation is painless. In the photon treatment room, the doctor aims the probe at the excess hair and emits a light beam. The whole process takes only a few minutes and there is almost no feeling. Generally, after 1-2 times of treatment, the troubles of arms, legs and armpits can be removed. The whole treatment process depends on the size and time of the removed part. For example, it takes only five minutes to remove lip hair, five minutes to remove axillary hair, and only about 30 minutes to remove both legs. Therefore, the best choice for permanent hair removal is color light treatment technology.

Color light only shrinks hair follicles and will not damage the skin or scar. Moreover, because sweat glands open directly to the skin and have nothing to do with hair follicles, color light depilation does not affect perspiration. In addition, color light depilation does not damage the hair follicle mouth and does not affect the normal sebum secretion and other functions. After color light depilation treatment, you can completely say goodbye to the question of how to depilate permanently.

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