Can water be touched after laser depilate?

Summer is coming, want to have a happy summer? Want to enjoy the warmth of the sun with someone who loves beauty? The answer is yes, but some beauty lovers dare not expose or socialize with others because of the long hair on their legs and waist. Top at home laser hair removal technology can meet beauty lovers’ small wishes. Can water be touched after laser hair removal?

Summer is coming. What can I do? Long black hair on your legs, arms and armpits, and maybe armpit odor in the summer. You can’t go out in a beautiful dress anymore. The emergence of laser hair removal can quickly get rid of the hateful body hair for beauty lovers, to achieve smooth and beautiful skin, laser hair removal can be stained with water?

Best permanent hair removal is a commonly used way in plastic surgery. Laser has unique selective photothermal effect and selectively acts on skin tissue, making melanin in skin absorb laser energy and generate heat, making skin temperature rise, damaging hair follicles and hair stem, and then inactivating hair follicle tissue. Never long hair skin, achieve long-term hair removal effect.

Hair removal system at home is mainly for growing hair and can be removed at one time, but non-growing hair does not absorb laser light source, so it takes several times to remove, so the hair removal time after laser hair removal depends on the specific situation, but generally do 3 to 5 times of hair removal, The hair can be completely removed and no new hair grows.

Hair removal Equipment Can I soak in water after removal? Day after laser hair removal is not allowed to touch water, and, within a week can’t use hot water washing hair removal site, at ordinary times should pay attention not to sauna, swimming and so on, can’t even tried to knead by hand treatment area, in order to achieve better effect, suggested that the love of beauty is to do a good job of sunscreen, select normal plastic hospital for laser leg hair.

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